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Frequently Asked Questions

EV Chargers

Got a Hybrid vehicle? or are you a commercial complex who need to install EV chargers in your property? We can do it. And a lot of clients are happy with our work. Let us install EV Charger/ s for you.


Is it a Real Emergency?

Not everything is an emergency. Call us. We can put your mind at rest.


Exposed Wires?

How embarrassing. Let us dress them up for you.
Exposed wiring, open cover plates, unconnected wires, are usually an easy fix. Call us, we’ll make sure everything is secured, grounded, and working properly.


Hearing pop noises at your circuit breaker?

If it’s tripping, then it needs therapy. 
Breakers wear-out or are undersized for amperage. Maybe the electrical contacts are bad. Stop resetting your digital clocks, let us get you back to worrying about dinner and laundry.


See Smoke? Sparks?
No it’s not the 4th of July. 
What you have is a light show in your home. This is a fire hazard!  Call Us! 

Need Fans?
So do we. Let us help you with your performance.
Bath Fans wear out which can increase bathroom moist, dampness, slippery flooring, mildew growth. Let us help to improve your air exhaust as well as your bathroom lighting. 


Smoked Detectors
There’s nothing funny about Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. If you use gas, fireplace, water heater, stove, get them installed.


Ethernet Cables
Go wireless. However for High-Speed HDMI cables we’re the ones to call. And we’ll install Ethernet cables too.


Other Electrical Repairs
There’s really nothing we haven’t touched. We’re a friendly team. We're about keeping our customers safe and happy.


Commercial Electrical


  • Apartments

  • New construction

  • Property management

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